About Us

Mind Consulting is a global recruitment and training organization with affiliated offices of Mind Lab and Accelium worldwide.

With over 20 years of experience in providing leading-edge and localized education training as Mind Lab, Mind Consulting is now providing global employee recruitment services for Canadian employers by helping by matching them with the most suitable foreign candidates.

Mind Consulting is dedicated to providing best-in-class services to both employees and employers alike.


With more than 30 locations worldwide, Accelium is quickly becoming a global leader in game based corporate training activities. Accelium was born from Mind Lab's experience in delivering game based training for global educational sectors and is now enhancing Human Resource training services to both the educational and corporate markets. Accelium's global footprint is a natural platform for Mind Consulting to reach thousands of workers around the globe who have the desire to enhance their careers by making themselves available for employers worldwide.

Accelium Map
Accelium locations

Canadian Employer Services

Mind Consulting is dedicated to helping Canadian employers by ensuring that you have access to the human resources that you need. Our employer services range from our inital candidate database through the entire recruitment process until you are satisfied with your new employees and the productivity of your business.

Global Database

Through the Accelium network, Mind Consulting is building a global database of thousands of workers, across all industries, who have all expressed an interest in working in Canada. Mind Consulting's database allows Canadian employers, access to one of the largest pools of dedicated workers.