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About Us

Mind Consulting is a global recruitment and training organization with affiliated offices of Mind Lab and Accelium worldwide.

With over 20 years of experience in providing leading-edge and localized education training as Mind Lab and global human resource development as Accelium, Mind Consulting is now providing global employee recruitment services for Canadian employers by matching them to the most suitable foreign candidates.

Mind Consulting is dedicated to providing best-in-class services to both employees and employers alike.


With more than 30 locations and more than 500 dedicated Human Resource Development professionals worldwide, Accelium is quickly becoming a global leader in game based corporate training activities. Accelium was born from Mind Lab's experience in delivering game based training for global educational sectors and is now enhancing Human Resource training services to both the educational and corporate markets.

Accelium's global footprint is a natural platform for Mind Consulting to reach thousands of workers around the globe while leveraging the talent of our vast pool of Human Resource Development Professionals in order for Canadian employers to find workers that meet their unique requirements.

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Canadian Employer Services

Mind Consulting is dedicated to helping Canadian employers by ensuring that you have access to the human resources that you need. Our employer services range from our initial candidate database through the entire recruitment process until you are satisfied with your new employees and the productivity of your business.

Global Database

Through the Accelium network, Mind Consulting is building a global database of thousands of workers, across all industries, who have all expressed an interest in working in Canada. Mind Consulting's database allows Canadian employers access to one of the largest pools of dedicated workers.

Employer Services

Utilizing our global footprint and vast network of Human Resource Professionals, Mind Consulting offers multiple services that are an interconnected tool that employers can use to reach and employ a broad range of professionals from around the world.

This allows you as an employer to easily digest prospects by having us help you filter and select them efficiently while knowing that we will also be dealing on your behalf with Canada's permitting bureaucracy.

Global Database

Mind Consulting continuously builds it's database of prospects by gathering qualified workers from around the globe and across all industries. Canadian employers have access to the right professionals for their organizations because we are always focused on growing the width and depth of our database.

Pre-screening / Candidate Selection

Due to the fact that our database offers such a vast reach, you would be overwhelmed if you were left to try and find the right worker out of the hundreds of thousands. Our team will proactively filter through our database and pre-screen the prospects using the profile for your open positions. Once we have found the right group of candidates they will each be presented to you with a standardised Mind Consulting resume and an Accelium Talent Pro Assessment report.

Interview coordination

Once you have selected a group of prospects that you'd like to interview, Mind Consulting will reach out to them personally and schedule the interview. If you choose, we can also have our staff participate in the interview or leave the interview for you to handle privately.

Employment Contract Presentation & Negotiation

Once you have picked the prospects that you would like to employ, we will help you present your employment contract and support you through the entire negotiation process. If you don't have an employment contract that matches the standards required by the government for Foreign Workers, we will also provide you with one of our compliant templates.

Customized Training

As an employer, you recognize the importance of training your employees. Newly hired employees all need orientation and training specific to your organization. With Mind Consulting's extensive experience and broad reach via our HR professionals, employers can use us to deliver customized training programs for your newly hired foreign workers. This can be delivered during the permit approval period and prior to your new employee's arrival in Canada. With this valuable service, employees have an easier time getting acclimated to their new work place and employers begin to reap the benefits of their new hire much sooner while increasing employee retention.

Work Permit Coordination

Mind Consulting will coordinate the application for each employee's work permit and act as the "quarterback" leading you, as the employer, our legal team and the employees through the entire process. Our technology automates a lot of this process to reduce any possible delays compared with doing it manually.

Landing & Integration Coordination

Once an employee is granted a work permit, there needs to be a dedicated effort ensuring that the employee arrives in Canada and has a platform for integration in your community. Mind Consulting provides a check list and support for the things that need to be done to ensure that your new employee is content with living in Canada, allowing them to focus on becoming a productive team member of your business.

Global Database

Mind Consulting is continuously reaching out across the globe and building our database by gathering qualified workers across all industries with the help of the Accelium network.

Everyday we are working to grow our database to ensure that you will never run out of candidates to hire.

Mind Consulting's dedicated network, allows us to reach 36 countries by engaging over 700 trained Human Resource Development professionals. Mind Consulting is "on the ground" in each country and has intimate knowledge of every country's unique culture.


Will you help me with the government filings?

Yes, we will coordinate the file development and applications for each of your employee's work permits.

How long will this process take?

Depending on the citizenship of your new employee, it can take between 2-8 months for them to receive their approval and Port of Entry letter.

Can you handle the interviews?

Yes, we can do pre-screening interviews and, if you choose, even your final interviews once we are familiar with your company and your expectations.

How does Mind Consulting get paid?

Mind Consultings fee is based on a percentage of the workers first year salary.